Our Team

With extensive experience combined between Greg and Craig, Aspect Environmental Lining Ltd strives to be the best installer of geosynthetic lining systems within New Zealand.

Greg Terrill (North Island)


Greg is an Engineer by trade and has been involved in sales and marketing for over 28 years, he has been involved in the geomembrane industry since 2000.

Greg has considerable sales experience in frost protection, effluent, irrigation and fire protection ponds, he has onsite installation experience in a range of
geomembrane products, including liners, Polylock inserts, geotextiles, geowebs, geocells and water management modules.

027 214 5816


Craig McMillan (South Island)


Craig is an engineer by trade and has been involved with the geomembrane industry since 1984.

As one of the most experienced geomembrane installers currently in New Zealand, Craig has been involved with and/or worked on most of the major sites throughout NZ and numerous overseas projects.

027 214 5817


Louise Collins

Project Co-ordinator

Louise has been with AEL since 2011, her extensive knowledge in the plastic lining industry makes her stand out above the rest. Louise manages projects and co-ordination of our installation teams and procurement. Louise is the stabilising influence of our operation

027 214 5818


Duanne Harper (South Island)


027 261 3291

Shane Cook (North Island)


027 214 5814